‘ I never ever felt comfortable posing in photos. I was a shy kid, who grew into an insecure teenager, and was always standing in the sidelines of everything I did. Deciding to get braces to correct the alignment of my teeth at the age of 24 was a huge step for me. You and your team were so patient with me and my anxieties, and prepared me for every step of the way. I can’t thank you lovely ladies enough for what you have all done for me. Feeling proud of your smile changes your outlook and experience of life. It radiates all around you–and my friends and family noticed it immediately. The day I decided to invest in myself was the best day of my life. So thank you, Dr Sharma and Associates!!! ‚

– Kai Y.

‘ I would like to thank all of you for making my teeth look so perfect. So every time I look at my teeth in the mirror (almost 10 times daily) I will always think of all of you! ‚

– Nikita P.

‘ Everybody is caring, friendly, and simply just great.  Give them a visit. ‚

– Miloney S.

‘ Beautiful Results. ‚

– Kim T.

‘ Great staff, great results. ‚

– Easha R.

‘ The staff are the warmest and most caring women I have ever met. The work done is absolutely astonishing. ‚

– Anthony G.

‘ Dr. Sharma-Sayal offered a thorough examination before, during and after every treatment. The staff was very knowledgeable and put to ease any concerns, fears or general questions I had about my treatment. The appointments are convenient and service is rendered promptly. BayviewHill Orthodontics gave me something nature couldn’t…My Perfect Smile!   ‚

– Priya M.

‘ Dr. Sharma-Sayal and the team did a great work and now I have a beautiful smile. They are very knowledgeable, polite and understanding people. They always tried to arrange an appointment suitable to me, especially after I moved to another city and had to drive 2 hours to their office. I highly recommend Dr Sharma-Sayal and this office to everyone. ‚

– Dimitri O.

‘ Thanks so much for making my daughter’s orthodontic experience so positive. You are always so friendly and welcoming. She doesn’t ever mind coming for an appointment and she is very comfortable and treated kindly when she’s there. ‚

– Paddy T.

‘ The Office of Dr. Seema Sharma-Sayal is truly a great place. The staff are always available to help answer any questions and Dr. Seema is always there to keep you informed of what was done and what to expect. I’ve never had any surprises and my two children have never had a reason to try and get out of going to ortho because it has never been anything but a good experience. Dr. Seema’s open attitude when speaking to myself or my children is definitely something I, as well as my children, appreciate. Having Gloria’s smiling face and cheerful attitude there to greet you is something you can count on. Anytime I’m asked if I know a good orthodontist my answer is always, definitely….Dr. Seema Sharma-Sayal at Bayview Hill Orthodontics. ‚

– Linda, Breanna and Jonathan

‘ My son’s loved going to Bayview Hill Orthodontics – they both said they really appreciated Dr. Sharma-Sayal’s chairside manner.  She made them feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. All the staff are great from front reception to technicians.  Excellent service and care! We highly recommend Bayview Hill Orthodontics!     ‚

– Guida Family


The staff are the warmest and most caring I have ever met. The work done is absolutely astonishing. ‚

– Anthony P

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